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PPDB SMP Islam Al Mizan Surabaya
Tahun Ajaran 2021/2022

Things To Do While At Home During Pandemic

The corona virus has spread and developed to be a pandemic. The region shutdown affects almost every activities, such as: teaching and learning process at school, works,  restriction for worship,restriction for dining in some restaurant, etc. The act of restriction not only was expected to push down the globally cases of COVID -19 in indonesia, but also the death cases. Therefore, the goverment asks us to do quarratine at home. Spending almost a year at home, sometimes you feel stuck and bored. There are a lot of things to do from home that can enhance our self-improvement. Why not use your time well?

  1. Learn new languages

Doing social distancing at home in a long term can be used for educating ourselves. You can learn language based on your preference. As the technology development and social media, looking up languange material is not hard at all. You are able to easily learn language from youtube tutorials, social media, apps, and other platforms. No need to go out to language courses!

2. Learn music instruments

For those who enjoy the music, it is the perfect way to brighten your boring day, that is learning instrument. In digital age, there are plenty of lessons on youtube and other platforms to give you step by step on how to play it. As you gain new skill, you can enjoy the music.

3. Scedule time for exercising

During self- quarantining, the campaign of maintaining healthy life can be heard every where. You can keep fit without going to the gym by doing yoga or working out. So, make a schedule for working out whether once a week or more. Now, it is time to strecth out and turn on some music to liften the mood.

4. Read some books

Many people said that they find books very educating. Spending hours by pages flicking can empower yourselves by reading various topics of books during social distancing. Although, you can not get proper way of learning  while studying at school or course, reading can boost your knowledge about the worlds. It also can comfort and help us understand who we are and how we can behave to others.

5. Being artistic

Spending all your hours on the bed will be bored. How about playing with some colors to color your day? Drawing or coloring might be a great idea. You just need a piece of paper and some colors. If drawing and coloring is not quite right for you, you can try to do craft. While we surf in the internet,  various picture of crafting and tutorial of how to make it can be found. So, explore more and do it!

6. Cook dishes

Youngsters tend to spend their weekend by dining in the restaurants or hanging out in a cafe. Tasting the coffe and having the new dishes are so great. However, the uncertain situation keeps you to spend your days at home. Why don’t you try to cook some dishes? By finding the recipe through instagram, you can try out your favorite foods in cafe or restaurant.

Surabaya, 26 Januari 2021

By: Ustadzah Inez Edhina A., S.Pd


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